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Título : The economic regions of Ecuador , their integration and development.
Autor: Banco Central del Ecuador
Descriptores / Subjects : ECONOMÍA
Issued: feb-1961
Ciudad: Editorial : Quito: Banco Central del Ecuador, 1961
Cita Sugerida : Banco Central del Ecuador. The economic regions of Ecuador , their integration and development. Quito. BCE. 1961. 91 p.
Abstract: In recent years interest in the regional aspects of development planning in under-developed countries has greatly increased. Nevertheless there is as yet not such a thing as a general theory of or a standard approach to regional economic development. A study of the interrelation between national economic planning and regional development programmes can not be based, therefore, upon a body of established methods and previous experiences in this field. Moreover, with respect to the economic regions that may be distinguished in the Ecuadorian economy, a general and systematic analysis has never been made made before. The present study, for both reasons, cannot be more thap a first attempt in this direction.
URI : http://repositorio.bce.ec/handle/32000/1432
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